The 4Skinner - Hooded Dilly

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Skinner... what more can we say about the fourth generation of this top-selling toy, the "4Skinner". We listened to your feedback and the consensus was that he could be improved with a bit more "cover". This deputy head boy is now the best head... boy!
Hence the reason we have just released the new "4Skinner" dilly for those of you that prefer your man with a hoodie!

Reliable, House-trained and dishwasher safe, the 4Skinner is the ultimate friend and will never let you down!

Available in 3 different sizes, the 4Skinner is bound to make your day... every day!

Material: Silicone
Origin: SPC
Sizes: Available in S, M or L 

Large: Length: 20.5cm, Diameter: 4.5cm

Medium: Length: 18.3cm. Diameter: 4.0cm

Small: Length: 16.2cm, Diameter: 3.5cm

(see images for dimension references)