Bam Bam Salute

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Nobody sticks it to the 'man' (or woman) like Bam Bam does and we could not think of anyone better to name a one-finger-salute after! 
Don't be claiming 'Mt Druitt' unless you got this guy for protection, because as we all know, this middle-finger runs shit in the West!

Constructed from medical-grade silicone composite, this bad boy is easy to clean and perfect for sticking on the hood of your Commodore or shower wall. 
With this bad boy by your side, you will be the hardest c*nt at Westfield or in the octagon! 

Material: Silicone
Model Number: YC-2093
- 5.5cm diameter at finger-tip
- 32cm Total length
- 17cm finger play-length
- 9cm base diameter