Bowyer Bone Cone

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The Bowyer Bone Cone is guaranteed to stop traffic!

This 7.3" (18.2cm) silicone cone is perfect for the bedroom, car park or footy training. The 2.1cm tip flares out to 6.8cm at the base, perfect for beginners, pros and everyone in between. 

It features a suction cup at the base to securely fix it to any practical surface, making it great for the bath, shower or kitchen floor. With grooves at certain intervals, it allows you to easily measure your progress.

A favourite amongst footy coaches, roadworkers and Evo owners! 

Total height: 18.3cm
Width at base: 6.8cm
Width at tip: 2.1cm

Material: Medical-grade silicone
Features: Suction-cup base
Colours: Purple, Flesh or Black
Waterproof: Yes
Vibration: No