XL Fist Toy (WITH 80% MORE ARM!)

Regular price $85.99 AUD

Based on your feedback, we took the original Fist Toy and added 80% MORE FOREARM FOR FREE! Giving it a total whopping length of 65cm for those few that crave a little bit more length!

Boy, does it pack a punch!
Named after one of the most adored, respected and decorated Dom's in the BDSM scene, this double-ended toy is dark, painful and needs to be respected, just like its namesake.

At 65cm long and with two fists conjoined by a forearm, it's durable, waterproof and always down to shake!

One end boasts a fully clenched fist and the other end with closed fingertips (resembling an Italian chef explaining a taste). One side is for pros and the other better suited for amateurs, making it the perfect gift for someone looking to work their way up from beginner to advanced or anyone just wanting to change things up.

Constructed from silicone PVC composite, it is easy to clean and makes for a great conversation starter on your coffee table or mantlepiece.

If winning is what you need in your life then play paper/scissors/rock with this one and you will win one-out-of-three times, guaranteed!

Item Type: Dildos (double-ended)
Total Length: 65cm
Width (at widest): 7cm at wrist
 PVC composite
Model Number: YC1034
Shape: Fist/Hand with extra-long conjoining arm
Weight: 1.43kg