Crave (restock)

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RESTOCK! (restocked after selling out within days of our banned video collaboration!)

Just like its namesake, the Crave buttplug is always a pleasure to hang with and never a pain in the ass!
(We sold out of this hero toy in 2019 after we sponsored an X-rated promo video that was swiftly banned from the internet)
Now featured in thousands of erotic videos, the Crave is cast in medical-grade stainless steel and features a gem cap for aesthetics.

With a total insertion length of 10cm, this trendy buttplug is a must-have in everyone's bedroom arsenal! Either in your 'special drawer' or secretly worn internally whilst you are cruising the aisles of Pak'nSave. 

The Crave buttplug consists of 5 consecutive balls that get slightly larger as you progress down the shaft, allowing for a more controlled experience.
The base cap ensures that it doesn't get lost internally and features a faux gem on the end (available in blue, purple, red, and green).
The gem cap is bound to make you feel better about yourself, especially after the attention you get after you flash it to strangers on the bus, plane or taxi.

If you love your partner then you will DFH - Do it For Her

Item: Buttplug with gem cap
Material: Stainless steel
Gem Colours: Blue, Purple, Red or Green
14cm (total length) x 4cm (end cap diameter)
11cm (internal play length) x 3.1cm (base ball diameter)