Devon Tugei

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Unlike the name suggests, the Devon Tugei is actually perfect for one gei, two gei's, or any combination of straight or gei males/females looking for something a bit different! 
(Great for: MM, FF, MF, M, or F)

Originally designed to stop the arguing between 2 partners fighting over who gets to use the buttplug and who gets the beads, we fused the two together to ensure everyone gets what they want and to provide a closer, more intimate experience!
The Devon Tugei is basically a buttplug fused with a series of progressive a-beads.  
This allows you and your partner to back the f*ck up against each other to create stronger bonds whilst enjoying what you like best.

However, singles can get exceptional value from this 2-for-1 fusion with its versatility! (i.e. 2 holes at once)

If you are not down with this contraption then you must have a metal plate in your head

Brand: IKOKY
Material: Silicone
Total length: 31cm
Total width: 6cm diameter (separator width)
Buttplug total length: 10cm (6cm insertion length)
Buttplug width: 2.5cm (at widest)
Bead tail length: 20cm
Bead tail diameter:  2.3cm (largest bead) and 1cm (smallest bead)