Donald Pump - Electric Growth Pump

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Need a bit more size? More confidence? Or maybe you just enjoy the feeling of super-suction? The Donald Pump will help to engorge your head (and shaft)!

Put down that dirty vacuum cleaner. Throw away your outdated, manual-squeeze pump. The Don' is electric so will save you both time and energy! This vacuum increases blood flow and expands the blood vessels which over time, can* increase the size of your member.

This enhancer set is easy to put together and take apart which makes it super portable, easy to clean and perfect for storing under the desk in your oval office. With a digital pressure gauge and quick-release valve, it is easy and safe to use.
A measuring scale on the side lets you know exactly how much bigger you've gotten since starting your session.

*Although not scientifically proven to promote growth, most people purchase this for its amazing feel.

Sexually Suggestive: No
Material: ABS
Model Number: 17592

Tube Dimensions
6.8cm diameter
23cm length