DicTate - Bendable Sucker and G-spot toy

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Meet the DicTate... The most adaptable toy for your varying needs!
Yes, he sucks… big time!
This vibrator and sucker can be bent to your optimal shape, making it the best toy for your changing needs and wants. 
For less that the cost of a loss on your favorite greyhound, this life-of-the-party dual-purpose vibrator is sure to rock the Kaz-bah!

Customizable to your daily feels, this toy hits all the right spots and in the right ways! Constructed from medical-grade silicone composite, this toy can be remotely controlled. It also features magnetic charging, a technology borrowed from the Tongan scientists at Tesla*.

With 10x vibrate modes and 10x suction modes, you have over 100 combinations of ways to get you to that jackpot!

With a clit-sucker on one end and general vibe on the opposite end, this toy can be bent into a multitude of positions to guarantee you the grin that you have been longing for!

Fully waterproof, this toy is perfect for the beach or the local swimming pool for those daredevil times when you just need to unwind in public.

Material: Medical-grade silicone
Type: G-Spot/Vibe and Clit-sucker
Model Number: 22504
Colours: Pink, Purple, Red
Modes: 10x Vibrate modes and 10x Suction modes
Battery: Magnetic charging (up to 1.5 hours continual use)

*not affiliated with Tesla (please don't sue us Elon Musk!)