Gus-a-go-gee - Vibrating fleshlight

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Unlike its namesake, there will be nothing coming out of this mouth. In fact, you will be coming in it!

The perfect companion for Mad Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or GF weekend, this D-Coach will never let you down!
Perfect for teaching you how to 'burst through the line' or 'wrestle your hooker', it comes with 7 intense vibrate modes, (kinda) life-like vocal sounds as well as heating up to 45 degrees Celcius for that lifelike training sensation.
Make sure to step the Mrs or you may get dropped next round! (Although she might be keen to watch from the box?)

No bunker rules apply here!
The "Gus-a-go-g" is one of the most advanced male stimulators on the market, featuring:
- Silicone lips (moulded straight from the league God himself)
- 7x vibration modes
- Separate vibrating tongue action
- Textured inner throat (up to 5 inches insertion)
- Life-like breathing and gagging audio! (can be turned on/off with single press)
- Heating function (up to 45C)
- USB charging

The silicone inner-sleeve makes it easy to clean out (just like all 2020 coaching staff).
You will be the envy of the pack and all boys will be asking you to "Gus-a-go-g"!

Material: Composite/Silicone inner and plastic exterior
Dimensions: 7.4 inches x 3.4 inches (throat max depth 5 inches)
Charging: USB (1 hour play on full charge at max vibrate setting)