Jony MFP

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If you haven't got a Jony MFP in your life then you haven't been Living!

The exclusive "Jony MFP" was engineered by and named after the prince of the Cook Islands himself... Jony Muthafuk'n P!

This girthy dilly has a sturdy suction-cup base, making it perfect for the shower, bedroom mirror and beyond!
Being cast from medical-grade silicone gives it the perfect 'glide' and makes it easy to clean.

But the greatest feature of this girthy member is its unique design...
The top side of the shaft features pronounced veins for that extra-ribbed feeling. The underside of the shaft features pronounced bumps, engineered to provide maximum pleasure!

Brand: FAAK
Size: 26.5cm x 4.6cm
Material: Silicone
Colours: Black, Pink or Palagi

Recommendation: We only recommend water-based lubricants with silicone toys. Check out our growing range here!