The Kotoni - Foot Fleshlight

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Footy fanatic? Got a foot fetish? The Kotoni is the perfect toy to help you work on your "footwork"! If you are a true foot-enthusiast then you will not be able to side-step this foot-shaped fleshlight!

Super-realistic, it is soft to touch and has extremely life-like skin detailing imprinted on the outer. 
This fleshlight even features a replica-vag-opening to help you get off (on the right foot) whilst you admire its dainty toes.
This toy is available with two different insertion opening locations, either on top above the ankle or on the sole of the foot. Whichever you prefer, why not get both and make it a 3-some?

Constructed from medical-grade silicone composite, it is hygienic and easy to clean. Soft to the touch and bendable, it will easily fit in your gear bag or the glove box of your car for those sneaky "wind-down" sessions after training.

Get yours now! They are guaranteed to sell-out faster than a Warrior's coach!

Material: Silicone TPE
Model Number: TG-001
Weight: 690g
Foot length: 23cm
Foot width: 7.6cm
Insertion cavity: 15cm