Alf's Raw Prawn - Double-ended Dilly

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Inspired by the great Alf Stewart, this double-headed dilly can be used on your own, but best enjoyed with a partner.

You'll be yelling "Bloody Strewth!" in no time with this easy-to-clean, medical-grade, silicone-composite, double-phallus.
One end features a smooth, curved shaft, perfect for both front and back doors, with the perfect angle for thrusting. The other end features a longer, textured shaft with a slightly wider head. They are conjoined at the centre with a safety stopper to allow for more powerful thrusting.

If this doesn't tickle your fancy then "stone the flamin' crows!"

Type: Dual-headed
Material: Silicone-composite
Model Number: 23307

Curved Side Dimensions
Length: 14cm
Head width: 2.6cm
Shaft width: 2.2cm
Base width: 3.2cm

Textured Side Dimensions
Length: 15.2cm
Head width: 3.2cm
Shaft width: 3cm
Base width: 3.5cm