Sammy Emm Teaser - Heated Vibe and Sucker

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Self-proclaimed "minx"? Deserve happiness? Need to focus on yourself for once?
Then the 'Sammy Emm Teaser' is your perfect companion and BF replacement!

This vibe is a combination of the latest adult-toy-tech! Not only does it have the standard vibe functions that you would expect, it is also heated and has a suction function!
We don't need to tell you how to use this, but we do want to know how much better your life is after!

Constructed from medical-grade silicone composite, it is waterproof and USB charged.
With 10x vibe modes PLUS 5x suction modes, you will never feel 'Emm-Tee' inside again!

Vibe modes: 10
Suction modes: 5
Dimensions: (as per image)
Charging: Magnetic USB