The “Seppy" - Artificial Ass Replica

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Because who doesn't love a bit of crack?

Seppy is the ultimate in artificial ass replacement technology. With it's patented "Double Channel, Double Experience Pump-tech”, you not only get two holes for the price of one but you also get "93.7% authenticity" (as claimed by the guy that bangs the Bob dummy at the local fight gym).

Constructed from easy-to-clean silicone, these faux glutes feature both anal and vaginal cavities with "naturally" textured walls. The feeling is comparable to rooting that crackhead at the STI clinic that smells like Kebabs.
Stress-tested up to 100ksi, these buns will take all the punishment you can give them... and then some.

Currently only available in one size and shape, we are working with our suppliers to bring you a wider range of options to slap around.

Item Type: Masturbators
Material: TPE
Size: 23*21*7.5cm
Weight: 1.1kg