The Brown Hardigan - Glass Buttplug

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Resembling a glass pipe or bong you might find in any housing commission flat, this premium toy was named in tribute to one of our favorite entertainment sites. The Brown Hardigan is cast from super-safe Pyrex glass, making for safe and easy insertion/retraction.
They say "brown is the new black" but this stylish buttplug has been deliberately cast in brown glass to make retraction less embarrassing in case of any residue clinging to it's surface.

This 2-stage buttplug measures 13.5cm in total length (12cm play length) and 3.4cm in diameter at widest point.

Easy to clean, this stylish toy will look great in your bedside drawer, coffee table or mantlepiece. 

WARNING: Plastic Emporium does not encourage the modification of this toy into a drug-utensil.
Drilling glass is dangerous and can impact the structural integrity of this toy. Modified or used items void our returns policy.

Material: Pyrex Glass
Size: 13.5cm x 4.0cm
Model Number: QMR-03120938

Note: Plastic Emporium has no affiliation with "Brown Cardigan" or associated sites. We just enjoy what they do and decided to loosely name a product in their honour.