The Butt Hussla - Remote Butt Plug

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The Butt Hussla is one badass machine for one ‘badass’ experience! 
Able to be controlled remotely, it frees your hands up to do other activities. The perfect gift for multitaskers, real-estate agents and great for couples!

100% waterproof, it is perfect for the bath or taking to the beach. Its silicone construction makes it a breeze to clean and keep hygienic. 
With 10 different vibe modes, this guy will keep your butt entertained for hours and being super-silent, nobody will hear you coming!

Type: Remote controlled vibrating butt plug 
Material: Silicone
Model Number: 22810
Vibration Modes: 10
Models (2): 16.6cm or 11.5cm
Chargeing: USB Charged (1.5 hours to full charge)
Battery Life: 1 hour operating time on highest setting
Audible: less than 50dB

16.5cm Model Dimensions
Lenght: 16.6cm
Width: 3.6cm at widest
Remote: 7.1cm x 4.2cm

11.5cm Model Dimensions
Lenght: 11.5cm
Width: 3cm at widest
Remote: 7.1cm x 4.2cm