Dave Rave - Vibrating LED butt plug

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The Dave Rave is the ultimate fashion accessory for your next Coachella walkabout. It's bright LED lights will let everyone know "where the party at" and warn the masses that you are cumming. The LED globe at the base of this girthy rocketship cycles through 8 different colours but can also be set to a single colour (great for when you need to let the crowd know you are taken). 
Charged via USB and with a battery life of two acid tips, you can pretty much guarantee an amazing few days without any awkward intermissions. The LED lights also make it easy to find amongst the contents of any dark portaloo.

Not only will this vibrator light up your life (and ass), it also has 5 knee-shaking vibrate modes, from "Tremor" to "Earthquake", which are bound to have you seeing holograms of Tupac whilst wearing that $4 bracelet you picked up from the gas station.

Cast from medical-grade silicone, this waterproof brake light is best enjoyed anally and is sure to outshine any glow sticks within your vicinity.

Material: Silicone
Battery: 1 hour on top vibrate mode, USB Charging
Width: 4.7cm at base