The "i-Aloner" Fleshlight

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Isolation got you feeling alone? Need deep throat but don't have deep pockets! Well the i-Aloner Fleshlight is the perfect low-cost alternative for you!
Made from silicone compound and looking like a shaved baby seal, these fleshlights give you the feeling of a pornstar blowie but at the cost of a back-alley rub-and-tug. The details are phenomenally realistic, from the teeth, to the textured throat, to the police siren* that sounds when you stick it in. All these features will ensure you won't leave isolation any time soon!

Easy-to-clean (it swallows) simply rinse out with soapy water or your preferred brand of sex toy cleaner and let dry. But I can guarantee it won’t be dry for long!

Hats off to the sick f*ck that designed these because they are our #1 seller during this pandemic. Designed deliberately without eyes because nobody should ever see what you are getting up to with these cum-canisters!

*no actual police siren 

Material: TPE
Item Type: Masturbation Cup / Fleshlight
Material: TPE Silicone
Models available: "Hey", "Pout", "Tongue", "Ahhh"
Lenght: 16.5cm
Height: 8.5cm
Width: 7.5cm