The "Jack's Off" - Vibrating Fleshlight

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If there's anything better than a fleshlight, it's an electric, vibrating fleshlight! The "Jack's Off" is powered by 4 AA batteries and is super portable. Perfect for those danger wanks during your lunch break or under the table during Christmas dinner. 
With 30 different vibration modes to get you off, you can cancel that Premium Tinder subscription now.
Fully waterproof, you could drink your coffee out of this thing and nobody in the office would be none the wiser (unless they have one too!)

Model Number: YF-M021
Dimensions: Length: 22cm Diameter: 5cm (yes it will fit you, who are you kidding?)
Type: Electric masturbator cup / fleshlight
Material: Medical Silicone
Color: Red
Weight: 280g
Power: 4 x AA batteries
Vibration modes: 30