The "Le Bron"

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"The Le Bron" is one of our best sellers. Modelled loosely on what we think the athlete is packing downstairs, this dishwasher-safe, silicone phallus makes a great companion during isolation.

With its detailed shaft, life-like balls, bendy construction and safety-tested suction cup, it is the perfect gift for Nan, Mum, or that weird uncle you only talk to at Christmas.

Moulded from medical-grade silicone composite, this easy-to-clean bedroom aide is naturally warm to the touch and provides smooth entry and exit. The chic, dark complexion make it the ultimate BBC fashion accessory and will go with any colour outfit.

Stored comfortably under the mattress or in your bedside drawer, this marital aide also serves as:
- a door stop
- a weapon
- a dog chew-toy
- a recovery roller
- a decorative hood ornament for your car

Show your support for arguably the world's GOAT athlete with this highly-popular bad boy! Get in quick because this beast is bound to sell out fast! (Just like he did to the Cavs)

Size: 28.5cm (11.2 inches) x 6.2cm diameter
Material: Medical-grade silicone composite
Model Number: LeBron23

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