The Mad Hurricane - Multi-action Vibrator

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The Mad Hurricane is jam-packed with features and you will be jam-packed with it! No other vibe on the market currently consists of this many pleasurable features. A rotating and vibrating head (9 different modes), heating up to 42C, thrusting action (9 modes), a vibrating rabbit as well as 9 different intensities! On top of that, it is fully submersible in water for enjoying in those long baths or in the pool. 

Charged via USB, it is also super-quiet (up to 50dB max) but it's not the noise coming from this toy that the neighbors should be worried about!

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Material: Medical-grade Silica gel outer
Model Number: 22979
Charging: USB (3hour charge to full)
Colours available: Pink or Purple
Key Features:
- Head action (9 vibrate/rotate modes x 9 intensities)
- Thrusting action (9 thrust modes) 
- Rabbit action (9 modes)
- Heating (to 42 degrees C)
- 100% waterproof
- LED mode indicator

Total length: 22.5cm (16cm insertion)
Width: 5cm total width (3.2cm at head)
Rabbit lenght: 6.5cm
Rabbit width: 2.5cm