The Scomo - Sucker & Vibrator Set

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It sucks and can't run a country... but unlike its namesake, the Scomo won't let you down!

The Scomo set consists of both a sucker and an egg vibrator, which is arguably the ultimate pairing!
The sucker has 7 suction and vibrate modes and is perfect for stimulating the nipples or clit. It can also be used as a remote control for the egg vibrator and has an impressive range of up to 10m.

The egg vibrator has been designed for insertion into either orifice and has a tail for easy retrieval. With 12 intense vibrate modes, that trip to the supermarket with your partner will never be the same again!

Available in either pink or Cronulla Blue, both toys are magnetically charged via USB and 100% waterproof.

Type: Sucker and Vibrator set
Material: Silicone
Model Number: 22736
Charge: Magnetic USB

Egg total length: 18cm
Sucker total length: 10cm
Sucker width: 4.5cm (at widest point)
Sucker opening width: 1.5cm