Twista - Twisted Butt-plug

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What can we say about Twista? Well, everybody loves him and he's most people's best friend!
With it's partial Maori design, this amazing BP is a product of one of the most prestigious dildo manufacturers in NZ - Dilworth.
It's twisted design gets right up into your best spots and will have that paua creamy in no time!
Constructed from medical-grade silicone-compound, this toy loves the water and beckons to be taken to the beach or the local swimming pool. 
He won't do the dishes for you but at least he's dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.

Due to popular demand, the Twista is now available in 2 different sizes, and 4 different colours. Perfect for pairing with most outfits or that Duke snapback you rock every weekend in summer. 

(On sale now due to an admin fuck up!)

Material: Medical Silicone
Item Type: BP/dilly
Model Number: 20995
Colours available: Black, Pink, Purple, Rose
Sizes available: 2 (Large or Small)
Large: 120mm x 35mm
Small: 100mm x 28mm