Winnie Blues - Mini Vibe (w/ app control)

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Isolation got you down? Got the COVID blues? Well, just like its namesake, the "Winnie Blues” will put a grin on ya face and a wet patch on ya crotch!

Although we have no association with the dopest Instagram page in the world, we thought it would be fitting to honour this new toy by naming it after one of our favourite internet gangstas!
Why? Because both will:
- Have you on the floor in stitches
- Make you wet your pants
- Steal your Mrs/Mr
- F you in the A and not wash afterwards
- Only respond to you via mobile (but won't ghost you)
- Make your friends jealous if seen with in public

This gem of a toy is constructed from medical-grade silicone composite, making it 100% waterproof and easy to clean. If we could, we would make it from those baggies you've been saving up in your bedside-table drawer for desperate times. But we can't because unfortunately we're not scientists... also ‘coz you contaminated them with corona last night when you licked them clean! (Don’t worry, we won’t judge. COVID made you do it)

This is one sick d*ck, looking for one sick c*nt to isolate with. Let it be you!

Key features:
- 100% waterproof (fully submersible) 
- USB charged (1 hour usage time on highest settings)
- 9x intense vibrate modes
- Can be controlled via buttons on the side or via mobile app (Bluetooth)
- Super-silent (under 50dB)