"Wankachangi" - That Guy's Butt Plug

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We love "That Guy"!
For an entrepreneur known to dabble in sausage, beer and chip sales, it was only natural for us to name a toy in his honor!

Just like its namesake, the Wankachangi has a heart of gold but can be a pain in the arse at times.

With its 3.5cm diameter, this butt-plug is great for beginners and intermediate users.
Its stylish heart-shaped cap is not only an ode to Leigh but also looks great peeking out of your crack. Sure to bring all the Hamster men to your yard!
The safety cap is 3cm with a 1cm buffer from the head to ensure you don't lose in the throes of passion  

Plated in medical-grade faux-gold, this piece deserves a spot in your jewelry box and should be shown off to your inner circle of trusted friends and colleagues!

If your partner ain't givin' you that "late-night big breakfast" then why not service yourself with this gem of a friend!

(All proceeds go towards potential court cases brought by Leigh and/or his legal parties)

Total Length: 7.5cm
Total 'play' length: 5cm
Width (widest point): 3.5cm
End cap diameter: 3cm

Material: Plated metal with plastic-gem safety cap
Model Number: 18216

(Plastic Emporium has no affiliation with "Leigh Hart" nor the various characters he portrays on various media channels. We are just huge fans trying to pay him the respect he deserves with a toy named in his honor.)