Uce Gang Bang - Double-headed Vibe

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Awww Gummon!...
Uce Gang didn't ask us for new jokes, but we did name a new vibrator after the sole in his honor! We all know that 2 holes is better than one! 

The Uce Gang Bang is a double-ended vibrator that comes in 3 stylish colours (Black, Pink and Purple). With 10 crazy vibrate modes, this seki toy will always be ready to surprise and pleasure you.

Constructed from medical-grade silicone compound, this uso is easy to clean and glides in easy!
It features a main phallus for the "front" and a secondary phallus for the "back" which features our patented "progressive ball system" that gradually gets bigger as you progress up the shaft.

Charged magnetically via USB cable, this crazy vibe will last for up to 1.5 hours (from full charge) on the most intense settings! 

Main phallus: 8.5cm length and 3cm diameter at widest
Secondary phallus: 10cm length and 2.7cm diameter at widest

Vibration modes: 10
Material: FDA approved silicone composite
Colours: pink/black/purple

Recommendations: We do not recommed oil-based lubricants with silicone products. Check out our "Gogonut" water-based lube for the best experience!


(Note: We have no affiliation with "Uce Gang" or their respective media channels and legal entities. We have named this toy purely out of respect for da sole)