The "Dilly Galloway" Doll

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The hardest girl in the room to talk to but the easiest doll to buy!
Just like her namesake, the Dilly G's standout features are her silicone breasts, but unlike the real-life Dilly, this one has a personality!
In fact, most owners love the fact that this Dilly DOES NOT talk back! (full refund if she talks back)

At 160cm tall, she is unlikely to intimidate you, but she has all the right moves in the bedroom. Perfect for those lonely dinners, work meetings and also bath time when you feel like you need a lifeguard to watch over you whilst you bathe.

Cheaper than an EA, this personal assistant will bend over backwards for you and have all that paperwork done in a jiffy!

Item Type: SiloconeSex Dolls
Material: Medical-grade Silica gel
Model Number: XL012

(“Boogie” doll available separately)