Gogonut - Coconut flavoured lubricant

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Sick of the same old fruit-flavoured lubes?
Well, and after your feedback, we are now stocking this great new coconut-oil-based lube! Guaranteed to make you feel like you are in the islands, why not purchase a few and send some home to the fam?
This coconut-based lubricant contains no silicone, which means it stays slippery for longer, leaves no residue, is easy to wash off and is safe to use with latex condoms. 
It is perfect for use with toys or as a massage oil and is 100% safe for human consumption so why not even add a squirt to your next cocktail or on your Weet-bix in the morning? 

It will only leave a good taste in your mouth! 

"Matua manaia! Ave mai nei is te a'u!"

Brand: System JO
Material: Water and Coconut oil-based infusion (non-silicon)
Sizes available: 30ML or 120ML
Model Number: G5E68847B1EFE9
Item Type: Coconut flavoured lubricant/massage oil