JYSEX Premium Lube - Water-based Lubricant

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After years of working closely with scientists and sex workers, JY has finally developed the ultimate lubricant formula!
This luxe lubricant is great for any type of intercourse and is also just as great when used for massage. This top-secret concoction of natural ingredients and animal secretions not only evaporates at a slower rate than other water-based lubricants, but it also improves your performance by decreasing your sensitivity. Thus allowing you to hit longer, harder and faster. Not only can it improve your performance, it also contains ZERO calories, helping whoever ingests it to lose weight! 

JY SEX is clear, odorless, flavorless and spermicide-free, making it one of the most body-safe and allergy-friendly lubricants on the market.

Don't let the price fool you. This 200ml bottle of personal lubricant will be the best investment you ever made and will last you four times as long as any big brand pharmacy lube or spit.

Due to exceptionally high demand, we are restricting the purchase of this product to one bottle per transaction.

Brand: JYSEX
Item Type: Personal Lubricant
Use: Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Massage 
Size: 200ml
Taste: neutral
Smell: Neutral