Mish Fa-douche - Rectal/Vaginal Douche Kit

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Feeling a bit 'backed-up'? Mish can help you with that!
The Mish Fa-douche is the perfect tool for clearing those blocked up passageways! Perfect for clearing the lower intestine of that hard-to-remove pizza/pasta/KFC from the night before and is guaranteed to get you in pristine tip-top-shape for that Tinder date!

Relieve your bowels with this hand-pump enema kit and we will have that back passage feeling like brand new! The medical-grade silicone insert makes for smooth insertion as well as easy cleaning. Small and compact, this kit will fit easily under your bathroom sink or in your hand-luggage when travelling. The extended tube and ergonomic pump has been designed to allow you to comfortably operate it with one hand.

We recommend using this standing up in the shower, but it can also be used whilst sitting down in that cubicle stall for those last-minute "fix me ups".

Item: Plastic enema/douche pump with silicone tip
Model Number: 13040