The "Lauren" Sex doll

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This goddess rules both kitchen and bedroom! In fact, she will rule any room you want her to.

At 176cm tall and with these killer curves, this tanned beauty will make it to a lot of Christmas wish lists this year. But only if you’re good... pretty, pretty, good.

With three interactive orifices, you have numerous options. Why not up the ante and and go all in?

Available in several foot options and with her malleable metal skeleton, she can be bent into almost any human position and never fold. 
Guaranteed to make you the most envied person in quarantine!

Brand: OLOEY
Item Type: Sex Dolls
Material: TPE
Model Number: 176+98
Material: TPE with metal skeleton
Sexual way: Oral, vaginal, anal
Bust * Waist * Hips: 98cm * 55cm * 106cm
Shipping options: China or Spain