The "Mez-turbator” - Sex doll

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Looking for a man that doesn’t say much?
Then look no further! The “Mez-turbator” is the ultimate companion for both men and women. His olive complexion (available in either tan or bronze) and life-like stubble and pubic hair, he will leave you feeling like you are in a taxi in the Greek Islands. 

His silicone exterior is warm to the touch and the metal-skeleton allows him to bent into any natural position. Great if you just need a mate to have dinner with or Netflix and chill, this silent but deadly doll will be sure to steal your heart.

At 170cm tall and flexible, he is easily transportable, whether in the car trunk or in the caravan cupboard.

Note: This doll comes with a removable vagina. Penis attachment can be bought separately.

Brand: Jollydoll
Material: 100% TPE with metal skeleton
Certification: CE, FDA certification
Type: Male masturbation doll
Action: oral, anal, vaginal (or penis with additional attachment)
Skin Options: Tan or Bronze
Feet options: Standing or Natural